Kites Sail High – Alone/Secrets 12″

August 7, 2010 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

Kites Sail High is San Franciscan Mario Baltodano, a composer of what he very descriptively terms “ambient dub.” His 12″ double-EP on Life’s Blood (“aural releasing entity”) showcases that, without really becoming in any way niche – plenty of the tracks are catchy enough to seem not too distantly removed from the “mainstream” (if one can be said to exist) of instrumental indie-pop. Its twelve tracks are a genuinely varied lot, exemplifying more or less his self-characterization and striking several distinct notes: the catchy, the meditative, and sometimes the damn near danceable.

Alone/Secrets saw it’s street date on the fourth of this god-fearing August, and god-willing I’ll be seeing my copy shortly. You can see yours for $13, or a bit more if you aren’t a rosy-cheeked citizen of Uncle Sam’s land.

Kites Sail High – Pollen
Kites Sail High – Dancing Sprinklers



PS, I still love you.


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