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Visions of Trees remix Memory Tapes – “Green Knight”

No Idea What This Is! Hooray!

The inimitable Memory Tapes just debuted a groovy remix of their track Green Knight from the equally distinctive Visions of Trees, our wonderful first collaborators in the UK south of Hadrian’s Wall.

Memory Tapes – Green Knight (Visions of Trees Remix)

While we’re on the subject, there are still a few copies of the debut EP from Visions of Trees, Sometimes it Kills, available in our fabulously straightforward ordering page. Think about it.



PS, look at that crazy picture they debuted the track with – pretty wild right? Love it.


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Golden Hits CS Compilation

Golden Hits

Spiral Jetta Recordings, a tremendously snazzy French lo-fi cassette label, was just kind enough to send along notice of their compilation Golden Hits. They ran out of the cassettes pretty darn quickly, but the digital’s has been available for free throughout. It’s some of the absolute best lo-fi anything I’ve heard in ages from a great list of bands I’d never heard of… I think that most of them may not be from around here. Anyway, peep out the tracklist below and download it on the other side of this gaping chasm.

1. Nataskaupas – Little Werewolf
2. ❤ – The Pocket Knife
3. John Cage Bubblecum – Too Cool For School
4. Salut Brioche – J.Kerviel Interlude
5. The Soup Nazis – Ex-Girlfriend
6. TubDeLub – Lubbing the Deals
7. John Cage Bubblecum – How You Satisfy Me
8. Splash Wave – Pacific Night Time
9. slfprtrtsbtmn – Are You Dancing With Me Tonight? (Live)
10. Bontempi Master – Fur Bernou

Chickety plink,


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Phil and the Osophers – “Pineapple”

Amazing new video from Phil and the Osophers. Groovy Groovy Groovy.



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Royal Rhino Flying presents Get Off the Coast presenting ESKIMO T∆CO

Get Off the Coast Presents ESKIMO T∆CO

My friend and yours, Jheri Evans of the inimitable Get Off the Coast has only just very recently now (fancy that) unveiled ESKIMO T∆CO, a something that we speculated might be a DVD when we posted the nearly as inimitable GOBBLE GOBBLE’s promo video for “Wrinklecarver.” As it happens, “Wrinklecarver” was actually the third track on a mixtape, which Jheri was kind enough to title ESKIMO T∆CO. It’s a pretty outrageous set of thirteen exclusive tracks from a fun cross section of bands that he’s featured and who are in one way or another kicking ass for culture, including Royal Rhino Flying players GOBBLE GOBBLE and Weed Diamond, to name just (you guessed it) two. Download it here.

Krunkle punx,


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Kumon Plaza – Cliff EP

Kumon Plaza - Cliff EP

Kumon Plaza is Dylan of Edmonton, a member of the Canadian “youth” in good standing, slated to release his debut EP later this month. Cliff is six (plus one digital bone-us) tracks of 8-bit synthy dancetronic-pop, if you’ll forgive the inanity, that moves between tongue in cheek treatments of a less snappy Krautrock and a swollen, synthy ’80s Euro-pop dance party. All together, the EP evokes a less conceited Black Moth Super Rainbow, completely content to sample, beep, or swell on whatever crest of sound Dylan cares to align it with.

Kumon Plaza – Saria’s Song (Remix)
Kumon Plaza – Hans Kruger

Check back at the Kumon Plaza myspace pizzle for ordering info here in the next week or so.



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GOBBLE GOBBLE – “Wrinklecarver”

This is something special; a new video collage from Jheri Evans of Get Off the Coast, that fits the new track from our buddies way o’er yonder with GOBBLE GOBBLE stupifyingly well. Jheri posted it with the tag “ESKIMOT ∆ CO :: COMING LATE APRIL,” so hopefully we can expect a DVD or something shortly.

Chortle porpoise,


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Leisure – It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal)

Fresh from some Boston shows with their compadres in Girls, Cambridge’s Leisure, a band with a particularly well developed visual aesthetic and some super catchy tunes starting to sneak out. Their appropriately named debut single, It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal), is a pair of near orchestral, punk-tinged baroque pop tunes, beautifully orchestrated and every bit as gratifying as you’d hope for from a band called “Leisure.”

Leisure – It’s Alright (On The Suez Canal)

You can grab the single for free over at their bandcamp.



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