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Wish - 4 Infinite Orchards

Wish is Zeljko McMullen, an artist of many mediums who years ago attended the college my sister is currently. His music under this name is exstatically danceable, sometimes carnivalesque, joyously melodic “techno” that cascades out in an overwhelming wash of noise, effects, and instrumentation. Informed by both his time as a composer of relatively pure electronica and then the live synth-player for Lou Reed (yes, that Lou Reed), my iPod tells me I’ve listened to his music as many as three dozen times since I heard about Wish a week ago and a fair share of those listens have seen me dancing up the street while walking home from work. I swoon to imagine what effect these songs would have on me live.

McMullen’s visual art has been widely exhibited internationally and he’s made rather a lot of good music under different names, most of which is available for free via his website. Here’s the first track off of his EP of demo recordings, 4 Infinite Orchards, shown above:

Wish – Waiting for the World

Thanks to Don’t Die Wondering for the lead and in particular this second tune, which was at the center of some of their lovely goings-on-about (they said, for instance, “My heart swells up to a big dripping candy ball to the sound…”):

Wish – Trippletete

4 Infinite Orchards is available on McMullen’s website, or just click here to download. Or here, way over there, and it’s also under your bed.




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Somewaves/Somewhere Compilation


Under the waves, the sea is raising, as if it was in the sky
Touching and wetting the clouds which cover everything

Admittedly, I don’t recognize the quote, but it still seems novel to see a blogotape presented with a line from Ovid. Breaking even further with convention(!), it’s wave themed and includes only songs that address them in one way or another. What’s more, Emmanuel from Delicious Scopitone was good enough to include track three from Sometimes it Kills: “Waves, They Crash,” which he’d posted the day before.

01. Holly Miranda – Waves
02. Iron Like Nylon – I Am You Are Demanding Light Waves
03. Memoryhouse – The Waves
04. Mount McKinley – Cool Waves
05. Nice Nice – See Waves
06. Papercuts – White Are The Waves
07. Thee Of Sees – Tidal Wave
08. Taken By Trees – Watch The Waves
09. Visions Of Trees – Waves, They Crash
10. Bibio – The Palm Of Your Wave
11. Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave
12. Rainbow Bridge – Big Wave Rider
13. Yeasayer – Waves

Mosey on over here to download.

Toodle pip,


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jj + His Clancyness + Visions of Trees

jj + His Clancyness + Visions of Trees

Pretty wild, right? Barnie Page did the poster, the bands will do the music, the venue will contain it, and I’ll play absolutely no part because I’m in the wrong country. Color me disappointed. If, however, you are an Englandweller and are at home on February 17, 2010, get up and go to The Luminaire for what promises (emphatically) to be a dern groovy show.

Pip-pip cheerio guv’ner,


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Vertigo: A Salad Fork Blog Tape

Vertigo: A Salad Fork Blog Tape

Our friend Louis over at Salad Fork just let us know that he included Visions of Trees on his second hosted mixtape. For those that don’t get around, this is roughly equivalent to what I’ve been calling “blogotapes.” You can download there, or here, and… probably a small number of other places? Good enough.

DOM: Jesus
Neon Noose: Golden Triangle
Hey Cool Kid: Cloud Nothings
Dance Alone: The Twerps
This Old Yarn: Yarn Owl
Angel-Headed: Nisperos
Scantrons: Tape Deck Mountain
King of Spain: The Tallest Man On Earth
Bowspit: Balmorhea
Tan Lines: Valleys
CS: Night Control
Waving Hands: Sunnybrook
Let’s Go Surfing: The Drums
Chinatown: Wild Nothing
I Saw Eternity The Other Night: Lee Weather
Heavy Heaven (Demo): Egyptian Hip Hop
Radium Girls: Memoryhouse
Light Shadows: Tamaryn
Found Out: Expensive Looks
On Giving Up: High Places
Icarus: White Hinterland
Cult of Cobras: Visions of Trees
Walk In The Park: Beach House

If that’s not enough, check out an older blogotape that also included a Visions of Trees track way over thayeronder at Pack of Strays.



PS, have fun with ‘thayeronder’ – I made it for you. Just sound it out.

PSS, I really, really love using the blockquote code but I will be damned if I’ll redo everyone’s tracklisting in order to make each usage consistent

PPSS, maybe I’ll start putting these little postscripts in blockquotes…

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Bento #6 by Islet

Beno #6

Turnstile is a UK record-label-media-thing, probably best known to the enterprising American as the British home of San Francisco band Girls. In addition to their typical activities, the label periodically sends out a single or mini-compilation called Bento – a curated affair that reached it’s sixth iteration last week – to their newsletter subscribers. This time round its a single from Islet, a rising Welsh band on Turnstile known for both its rollicking live performances and almost complete lack of a web presence. It’s a wacky pair of off-kilter pop songs that I’m sorry to say aren’t sung in Welsh (try Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci if that picques your interest), but are catchy as heck. Get the whole thing by signing up for Turnstile’s newsletter.

Islet – Jasmine



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Visions of Trees – Sometimes it Kills EP

Visions of Trees - Sometimes it Kills

Today, in the year of our lord two thousand and ten, the debut EP from London’s Visions of Trees emerges from the abyss fully formed and ready to be preordered. Sometimes it Kills is available for $8ppd in the US and Canada and $10 everywhere else. In addition to the CD, the first 25 preorders will receive a limited edition poster designed by the band and shown here. I’ll also probably put some other free CDs in as well for good measure. Maybe a button too. Take a listen to track two, “Cult of Cobras,” then mosey on up to the tab marked “Order” to get a copy.

Visions of Trees – Cult of Cobras



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Pinglewood Mixtape

Pinglewood Mixtape

I missed it when it came out, but a couple of weeks ago UK music blog Pinglewood posted a mixtape that included our very own Visions of Trees, alongside such international audio luminaries as Wild Safari and Forest Swords. Get it here.

1. Quail Lungs – You Can’t Believe In Anything, You Can’t Believe In Nothing
2. Wild Safari – History Of Savannah
3. OoOOo – NoShore
4. A Grave With No Name – Lavender
5. Forest Swords – If Your Girl Only Knew
6. Mount Kimbie – Maybes
7. Visions Of Trees – My Antlers
8. Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms
9. Perfume Genius – Write 2 Your B
10. Alexandre Desplat – Mr. Reincarnation



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