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Build Your Army with Potatoes

Well, it’s been more than a year in the making by now, and the tracklist has undergone a whole mess of changes, but our first compilation Build Your Army With Potatoes is finally just about ready – it’ll go up for pre-order tomorrow, February 21st. Owing to a personal brainfart, I’ve not posted the final tracklist myself, although it’s appeared elsewhere, so here’s that lovely laundry list for anyone that hasn’t already spotted it:

Volcano the Bear – Rain And Shine
The Instruments – Encore (Brigitte Fontaine Cover)
Calvin, Don’t Jump! – Baby Eden
The Diminisher – Ghost Mouse Seeker
The Mendoza Line – First Time, Long Time
Great Lakes – Ships
Folklore – The Unknown Adapted
Laminated Cat – Angel, I Am Coming Home
Jack Logan – I Got To Hear Him Play
The Visitations – New Jerusalem
The Sixth Great Lake – Tips For Teens
Mikal Cronin – Tethered
Geoff Reacher – Fuck An Autograph
The Lilys – Vegetable Reefer (Von Hemmling Cover)
American Watercolor Movement – 29 Dead Horses
The Unreliable Narrator – In A Wintry Instant
Seamonster – Robert Schneider’s Abacus
Electric Mystical Soul Vibration – Thank You For The Space Suit
El Goodo – For You (Alternate Mix)
Stay – The Calling
Fabulous Bird – Bless Me
Ideal Free Distribution – 200 Mph In Reverse
Von Hemmling – German Jerk (2004)
Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra – Everything (1993)

It’s been a lot of fun putting together so I hope it’s enjoyed!



February 24, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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