Regolith Volume One

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Regolith Volume One

Moon Glyph is a Minneapolis-based record label, historically working primarily with cassettes and an assortment of bands that run the gamut from pop to the more experimental. The label claims that something special is happening in Minneapolis’ psych-scene and the bands that the first in their 12″ compilation series Regolith showcases easily bears that out, offering ten new recordings from ten local bands. The contributions tend to have a garage or lo-fi edge, coloring the surfer-rock of Leisure Birds and eventually ascending to the lunatic heights of noise-pop with Skoal Kodiak, to name two standouts. Suffice to say, the indication is that something special is indeed happening in Minneapolis, and hopefully we can rely on Moon Glyph to chronicle it for us.

“Regolith” is a term used by lunar scientists to describe the loose scree of stones covering the solid rock of the moon. From the scrappy fuzzabilly of the Leisure Birds’ “Burn the Beach” to Moonstone’s pontificate-n-jam, Moon Glyph have found an apt title for their first compilation of local bands. Regolith Vol.1 is a wide sampling of songs scattershot across a solid foundation of rock by artists committed to the exploration of new vibrations and frequencies. The listener will find all forms of psychedelia on this record: laid back odes to laid-back women from Magic Castles and Velvet Davenport (with a little help from Ariel Pink and Gary War), a rave-up from Vampire Hands, a spaced out war-drum workout from the Daughters of the Sun, and a pair of face-melters courtesy of The Blind Shake and Skoal Kodiak amongst others.

A1 Leisure Birds – “Burn the Beach”
A2 Magic Castles – “Patron Saint”
A3 Dante & the Lobster – “Waiting for the Moon”
A4 Velvet Davenport (with Ariel Pink & Gary War) – “Surfer Girl”
A5 Camden – “Headstone”
A6 Vampire Hands – “3D Yin-Yang”

B1 Daughters of the Sun – “Mystical Babe”
B2 The Blind Shake – “Lucky Day”
B3 Skoal Kodiak – “Tinsel Tongue”
B4 Moonstone – “Exhortations of the Prophet M.”

Leisure Birds – Burn the Beach

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