PC Worship – Dune of Heroin/Godless Love CS

June 24, 2010 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

PC Worship - Dune of Heroin/Godless Love CSOn the latest cassette from Moon Glyph, the prolific PC Worship offers a pair of sprawling acoustic improvisations, clocking in together at nearly 30 minutes. It’s a far cry from the psych-pop so commonly in vogue, at least as of this morning, but even in all their shambolic majesty, the songs are very listenable. PC Worship quickly establishes informal tones and parameters within the two tracks, making for an engaging and conscientious, if meditative, listening experience, ultimately falling well shy of the alienation that some spontaneous wrecks can inspire.

From Moon Glyph…

PC Worship is a seven-piece band out of Brooklyn. They live together in a warehouse called Le Wallet where they are surrounded by hundreds of musical instruments – and it shows on Dune of Heroin/Godless Love. Acoustic guitars, contrabasses, violins, tenor saxes, pianos, bowed saws, bass clarinets and drums coalesce and fragment, collide off each other in a way that showcases a nimble touch when it comes to lawless and maelstromic music-making.

PC Worship – Dune of Heroin




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