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ArnHao is Andrew Hamlet and Arturo E. Holmes II at work on some very synthy dance-o-tronic nonsense, reminiscent at times of the Chemical Brothers and Bloc Party, though our boys fall comfortably between them as far as the number of bells and whistles goes. Despite showing that bit of restraint, their debut track is internally varied and very catchy (without being redundant), beautifully produced, and painfully danceable.

“Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)!” is the first single of a Love Trilogy we would like to eventually release. The single follows our protagonist as he meets the enigmatic Saturn, who captives him greatly. However, as he is drawn closer, he comes to realize Saturn is not who he thought she was, and he moves on. Overall, the song is a critique on young romance and warns against the temptation to lose oneself in intangible fantasies.

Expect ArnHao’s debut 7″ this September on Raleigh, NC’s Denmark Records.

ArnHao – Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy)!

Jeffers Morning,



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