The Queen’s Jew

May 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm 1 comment

The Queen's Jew

Earlier today, Stereogum debuted GOBBLE GOBBLE’s magnificent contribution to The Queen’s Jew, which you can find below the compilation’s tracklist, which is more immediately below. The Queen’s Jew will be available for free on 5/18, with preorders for a limited edition CD version around that time. This is for you, cause we love you (and Stereogum).

1. “One Day At A Time” (Marilyn Sellars Cover) – Pure Ecstasy
2. “All We Are” – Wish
3. “Feeling Today” – Abacus
4. “Brain Cave Cable Car” – Devices Disguised
5. “You Need to Grow Up (Feat. Mad Squirrel)” – Meanest Man Contest
6. “Palms” – Visions of Trees
7. “Christmas 82″ – Jen Paul
8. “Memories Are Made of This” (The Everly Brothers Cover) – His Clancyness
9. “Jacket” – Weed Diamond
10. “Ain’t No Sunshine” (Bill Withers Cover) – Idiot Glee
11. “Julie (What’s That Spell?)” – Borrowed Beams of Light
12. “Nitzam” – Safe House
13. “Are We More Than Bones” – Cloud Nothings
14. “Predestination Paradox” – Adventure Violence
15. “In and Out of Bliss” – Boylant
16. “T. Lizzy” – Cough Cool
17. “Bury You Alive” – Panda Beach
18. “Up In That Ether” – Land of Blood and Sunshine
19. “Seizure to the Metronome” – GOBBLE GOBBLE
20. “A Million Elephants” – The Spookfish
21. “Rainsand” – Mount McKinley
22. “Ivy King” – The New Lines
23. “Those Kids” – Tall Boys

GOBBLE GOBBLE – Seizure to the Metronome

Many thanks to my fab and funky friend Liz Toler for her constant willingness to help with design issues, in this case, cover design issues. She made the above.



PS, the discerning reader will note that I have included the cover art for this release at higher dimensions than typical. This is because, as a label, we are unabashadly self-involved and think our releases set themselves apart enough to merit a corresponding change in the way we present them visually. Also, the type on the cover may be difficult to read otherwise… in any event, there it is!

PSS, I really like ending statements with “there it is,” but I’ve never really explained why… I also don’t think I use the expression here very often, but I’ll tell you nonetheless… because King Leopold says it often in the film Amadeus. Killer movie, I tell you what.


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Katrina Stonehart – Cassette Single Fox Hands – Peoplenoswan

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