Golden Hits CS Compilation

April 27, 2010 at 9:12 pm Leave a comment

Golden Hits

Spiral Jetta Recordings, a tremendously snazzy French lo-fi cassette label, was just kind enough to send along notice of their compilation Golden Hits. They ran out of the cassettes pretty darn quickly, but the digital’s has been available for free throughout. It’s some of the absolute best lo-fi anything I’ve heard in ages from a great list of bands I’d never heard of… I think that most of them may not be from around here. Anyway, peep out the tracklist below and download it on the other side of this gaping chasm.

1. Nataskaupas – Little Werewolf
2. ❤ – The Pocket Knife
3. John Cage Bubblecum – Too Cool For School
4. Salut Brioche – J.Kerviel Interlude
5. The Soup Nazis – Ex-Girlfriend
6. TubDeLub – Lubbing the Deals
7. John Cage Bubblecum – How You Satisfy Me
8. Splash Wave – Pacific Night Time
9. slfprtrtsbtmn – Are You Dancing With Me Tonight? (Live)
10. Bontempi Master – Fur Bernou

Chickety plink,



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