Kiss Kiss Fantastic – The Red/Blue Shift EP

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Kiss Kiss Fantastic - The Red/Blue Shift EP

Kiss Kiss Fantastic is the interstate collaboration of Rachel and Jeremy, who exchange songs and ideas from their respective homes in California and Florida. Although both self-deprecatingly tend to credit the other more highly, it’s clearly a genuine partnership, with regular communication and distinct individual contributions. Despite living on opposite sides of the country, the two have beautifully synthesized their synth and drums into something bizarrely gleeful, with gratifyingly confidant vocals and incredibly capable production. The elements of both rock and straight up synth pop are there, but their songs emerge more like particularly ambitious bedroom indie-pop recordings. It would probably catch the chill wave moniker in some venues, but they seem more concerned with making their atmosphere an explicit supplement to melody, such that you’re not liable to think you’re listening more to a feeling and less a song – undoubtedly part of why I appreciate the strong vocals.

The The Red/Blue Shift is their first release; six tracks of amazing that are free to download. Here’s one of my faves from the EP, which is, contrary to the track’s title, incredibly amenable to the ears and anything else (butterflies or otherwise) that might care to offer a reaction.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic – Antisocial Butterflies

You can get the whole EP over at their bandcamp. So stupendously worthwhile, but indulge in the above and/or the below if you’re just dead set on not opening a new window/tab.

Ferdle girdle,



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