Salad Fork’s “Mixtapes For Haiti” Kickstarter

March 22, 2010 at 6:15 pm Leave a comment


Friend-of-the-label Louis Kishfy of Salad Fork just sent over some info on a great project he’s putting together via kickstarter. Right now he’s raising money to put out a wild cassette compilation with contributions from audio luminaries like Memory Tapes, Cloud Nothings, and Prince Rama of Ayodhya. Louis will be donating all of the profits to Partners in Health: Stand With Haiti, so GREAT CAUSE! Contribute! Great musicians are participating, great cause, great guy. Dig it. Here’s some info direct from Louis’ kickstarter:

It all started when I was sitting in my Physics lecture. We were discussing thermodynamics, and how disorder relates to it. Naturally, I began to hum the bass line to Joy Divisions’ Disorder, and I ended up associating the word ‘disorder’ with the ‘destruction’ that has occurred in Haiti. Then, it clicked. A way I could contribute to Haiti would be through something I love dearly: music. When the lecture was over, the next song that came on my iPhone was-you guessed it-Joy Divisions’ Disorder. What are the chances of that? Perhaps it was fate. The purpose of this Kickstarter is to raise money to fund the production of tapes and shipping. If I can get enough tape pledges, I will be able to cover the full cost of production/shipping for this project and donate the rest of the funds to Partners In Health: Stand With Haiti, which you can get more info on here . The idea behind this project is for me to do all the work so that you’ll get something to remember your donation by. I also realize that ten dollars for a cassette tape is an exorbitant amount of money for some of you, but remember, it’s a donation before it’s a cassette tape (plus you get a digital download and the satisfaction of donating to a good cause, that ain’t half bad either!).

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