Golden Birthday – Infinite Leagues

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Golden Birthday - Infinite Leagues

Infinite Leagues, the debut LP from Chicago’s Golden Birthday and the first release from local label Rainbow Body Records, has gained some distance from its street date in October, 2008, but it must have been a great first step out the door for both band and label. Golden Birthday marries suggestions of funk and shoegaze with an odd danceable sort of dream pop and occasional glimmers of an older, more pastoral psych-folk, producing a dense atmosphere periodically broken by glitchy effects – which is hopefully not too intimidating a description. Infinite Leagues is generically varied, but the tone of (what sounds to be) analog recording gives it some consistency in terms of the ambience it creates, highlighting both the advantages and difficulties of “lo-fi” as a genre.

Having said all that, this is a compelling debut with hellaciously groovy packaging, almost on par with the decor of Rainbow Body’s website. Heck, even the music’s good – head over to the label’s (attractive) website, where they’ve kindly elected not to charge you out the ass for the CD ($10) and LP ($12) versions of the album. Until you’ve the time to oblige, consume:

Golden Birthday – Exposed
Golden Birthday – Something, Sometimes, Someshine



PS, seriously, check out Rainbow Body’s website. It’s so purdy I tagged this as an “Art” post as well.


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