Sometimes it Kills EP

February 11, 2010 at 3:18 am Leave a comment

Sometimes it Kills EP

Today, alongside snow showers and mountains of plowed ice and gunk here in West Virginia, Sometimes it Kills, the debut EP from London’s Visions of Trees, sees its official release. Thanks to said weather problems, shipping on some preorders has been delayed and new orders can expect a couple days of lag. I’ll try and think of a way to make up for the delay, but in the meantime I’ll shove off and leave in my place a more pleasant climatic vision conjured by History Painting:

“It’s early February. Snow has melted and the dull clouds are parting. Blue skies and sunshine reappear like a half-remembered video effect. Resolution up. HD. Serotonin floods back into hibernating minds. Spring is coming. Close your eyes for a moment & stand in the light. A passing car blares out indistinct murmurs of radio pop. The sound is a brief splash, speed-smeared and skewed, Doppler effect wonky & truncated. One bar melding idly into the next as displaced seconds & decades collide simultaneously as in the idle thoughts of a yet to be discovered particle. Today is the official release date of an EP called ‘Sometimes it Kills’ by London duo, Visions of Trees. This is that sound extended. Dreamt out in bullet time sonics.”




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Crop Rotation Joni Judén//Visions of Trees – Thoroughly Interviewed

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