Crop Rotation

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Crap Rotation

Crop Rotation is an anonymous London musician who constructs mosaics of sound that function as novel collections of symbols and ideas, layering samples, loops, and isolated bursts of speech into an experimental but incredibly catchy electronica. It’s music informed by a variation on the sort of pop sensibility that seems to be current among many musicians in both the American and UK club scenes, pioneering a more modern sound that keeps the weird credible, as it were, as well as danceable.

Here’s what the annual cycle of growing periods has to say about its songs:

The songs are constructed usually in a somewhat drawn-out associative process rather than a pre-mediated one. I like to think the central theme running through the music is a sort of ambivalent perspective towards the culture we’re informed by, the free interplay of words and symbols, and an attempt to articulate a beauty of juxtaposing familiar things in a slightly off-kilter way that tries to reveal the duality inherent in them.

Crop Rotation – Globe



PS, Crop Rotation has a political dimension! Woops, didn’t notice? Shite!


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