Carlos Antonio’s El Hombre Orquesta

February 3, 2010 at 12:35 pm Leave a comment

Olde English Spelling Bee recently announced a distribution parternership with MassTropicas, a label specializing in Peruvian regional music and ephemera, beginning with a limited edition cassette from street performer Carlos Antonio. The video above was shot during one of the recording sessions that ultimately yielded the cassette. I’m glad somebody thought to record the session… it’s quite a sight. Old English supplied the following from MassTropicas:

“Carlos Antonio is known as El Hombre Orquesta (translation: one man band) and he has been playing on the streets for 24 years. He is originally from Chiclayo which is eight hours north of Lima. He plays his favorite cumbia and salsa songs from Peru and all over Latin America. The trumpet or kazoo like sound you hear is his “plastic trumpet” which is a soda bottle cut in half with a piece of plastic fashioned over the top with a rubberband. I recorded these songs last year in Lima on May 15th, we picked him up and brought him to a practice spot halfway across the city in a taxi. He played for an hour straight. Enjoy.”

The cassette is available here.




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