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Wish - 4 Infinite Orchards

Wish is Zeljko McMullen, an artist of many mediums who years ago attended the college my sister is currently. His music under this name is exstatically danceable, sometimes carnivalesque, joyously melodic “techno” that cascades out in an overwhelming wash of noise, effects, and instrumentation. Informed by both his time as a composer of relatively pure electronica and then the live synth-player for Lou Reed (yes, that Lou Reed), my iPod tells me I’ve listened to his music as many as three dozen times since I heard about Wish a week ago and a fair share of those listens have seen me dancing up the street while walking home from work. I swoon to imagine what effect these songs would have on me live.

McMullen’s visual art has been widely exhibited internationally and he’s made rather a lot of good music under different names, most of which is available for free via his website. Here’s the first track off of his EP of demo recordings, 4 Infinite Orchards, shown above:

Wish – Waiting for the World

Thanks to Don’t Die Wondering for the lead and in particular this second tune, which was at the center of some of their lovely goings-on-about (they said, for instance, “My heart swells up to a big dripping candy ball to the sound…”):

Wish – Trippletete

4 Infinite Orchards is available on McMullen’s website, or just click here to download. Or here, way over there, and it’s also under your bed.




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