Don’t Die Wondering Volume 1

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Don't Die Wondering Volume 1

Assmebled by the fine folks at the blog of the same name and released under the auspices of the fine English label Merok Records, Don’t Die Wondering Volume 1 is a sampler of what’s good about music under the Union Jack. Opening up with the relatively stripped down, less poppy Bloc Party sound of Young Athletes League, it’s beautifully tracked and surprisingly varied in terms of individual sound:

1. Young Athletes League – Monaco Sunglasses
2. A Grave With No Name – Sofia
3. Egyptian Hip Hop – Heavenly
4. Dignan Porch – On A Ride
5. Becoming Real – Ghost Step
6. Elapse-O – Sonny Liston
7. Visions Of Trees – My Antlers
8. Ghost Hunter – Through The Haze Of The Green Glasses
9. Desert Disco – Bare Light
10. Ice Castles – Deers Den
11. The Light Sleepers – Cote’ Disaster
12. Celestial Bodies – Like Lovers

Alongside Young Athletes League, Egyptian Hip Hop and Becoming Real tend towards a similarly deliberate, occasionally jittery sound and composition. A Grave With No Name and Dignan Porch supply some of the album’s catchier guitar parts, paving the way for slightly less on-kilter contributions in the lo-fi pop realm. Elapse-o pours out on a wave of drone, drumbeats, and reverb drenched guitar; while The Light Sleepers follow up later on with a more guitar heavy, equally brain warming nugget of audio bliss. Visions of Trees, Ghost Hunter, and Desert Disco, Ice Castles, and Celestial Bodies all emerge out of a haze of variously analog, bell, feedback, or effects driven sonic atmosphere, each vaguely meditative yet profoundly compelling. Even though I don’t believe in silly point systems, I’m going to give this compilation five stars. Five silly stars.

You can grab a copy here for £3.49. Unfortunately, The noble £ has weakened with the almost as noble $, but that does mean £3.49 will translate to a little less than $6. I’d like to think that’s a fair little recession buster, particularly with the groovy packaging designed by Crabwolf arts collective.

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