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Cabinet Magazine 35 Cabinet Magazine bills itself as and gives every indication of actually being “A Quarterly of Art and Culture,” delivering 128 pages of variously bizarre, hilarious, or novel – but consistently intelligent – content for consumption roughly each season. Named for the old “Wunderkammern,” (German, “Cabinets of Wonders,” see Mr. Wilson’s Cabinet of Wonders for an interesting discussion of this and other things) Cabinet seems to respect the significance of the name. There’s nothing contrived about it in terms of structure: each issue opens with four regular columns and follows with an entirely free form “main” section, leading into a central themed section, and wrapping up with a miscellany. Cabinet’s most recent issue “Dust,” seem as good an introduction as could be hoped for, with articles on Leibniz, a Korean gojira (exactly what it sounds like), and the emergance of submarine warfare. Despite its being themed, “Dust” manages to come off as surprisingly free and the boundaries of what might seem like a narrow topic are able to shift comfortably with each new treatment.

Their next issue’s theme is slated to be “Friendship.” individual subscriptions are pretty darn cheap at $32, with each issue typically selling for about $10 by itself. They’re also very nicely printed, so that $10 is well worth it and the $32 even more so.




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