Canopy – Canopy//Anopy

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Canopy - Canopy//Anopy

Canopy is undoubtedly my favorite thing in Texas – not to put the state down, but it’s lucky to have this project in attendance. Canopy is the project of Praveen Ayyagari, an Austin-based filmmaker and musician who runs a very likable production company called Banana City and collected a rotating cast of cohorts to help put his debut EP Canopy//Anopy together. I missed its release on Autobus Records in July of 2008, but it and the rest of Autobus’ pretty stellar catalog have been spending some serious quality time blasting out of my laptop speakers.

Although lyrically Canopy//Anopy spends a good deal of time dwelling on unhappy living circumstances and all manner of disheartening things, hope and transcendance are the more overbearing presence. Each track is captivating and the largely positive tone is kept from wearing thin by capable instrumentation and varied composition, with each projecting its load of good vibes through differing effects, song structures, and flourishes (some are given a healthy treatment with the harmonium). Musically, Canopy//Anopy is mature sunshine pop that thumbs its nose at unpleasantness, always at the jovial heights that Praveen’s lyrics only gradually ascend to. Having said that, it’s often a very spare recording. It’s a testament to Praveen’s ability as a songwriter, to say nothing of his vocals, that it remains so compelling.

As of now, the EP is available in a variety of ways, all of which involve paying only “what you want” for one or another format from one or another source. I’m sure you’d find the method very agreeable. Here’s an mp3 to tide you over until Canopy’s LP appears next year or while Canopy//Anopy downloads/ships/what-have-you:

Canopy – Narrow Bones

Cheers and much happy after-Christmas sentiment!



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