Land of Blood and Sunshine

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Land of Blood and Sunshine

Land of Blood and Sunshine is a noisy new band out of Marshalltown, Iowa, and a fitting introduction to a town I might otherwise have never known. Through fuzzy, often indistinct vocals they project an almost sing along folk-pop, with heavy, engaging beats thumping out of the vocal haze and guitars giving further atmospheric definition. This is just one trend that runs through their music though – other songs have crystal clear vocals and abandon almost any typical percussive element. It’s outstanding music: highly original, catchy, and appealing for the drive that propels its innovation out of depressed oddity. Of that variety and themselves as a project, the band says:

“The Land of Blood and Sunshine is a place where voices are seen, visions are heard, and a fox and a wolf play songs together. Together they form songs contemplating the universal mind, the invention of time, the wonder of nature, and the ever-loving light. Instead of writing about individually personal experiences they share their view of the entire human condition, the global experience of being something alive and aware. These concepts are not only addressed lyrically but instrumentally. Many songs experiment with a deep space trance as others are laced with an ancient mystical pulse. These messages were developed not only to share ideas and figments of imagination to other people but as pilgrimage into their own minds.”

One of several excellent new bands being advanced by local label Very Nice Dementia Records, they’ve just released nine song debut Magick Carcass Ride alongside an EP from fellow locals Sudden and Subtle (which has some membership overlap). Both are a steal at $5 ppd.

Here’s an mp3 of their song “Incident” and a creepy video for another, “Sick Mystic.”

Land of Blood and Sunshine – Incident




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