Phil and the Osophers – Parallelo

November 23, 2009 at 10:39 pm Leave a comment

Phil and the Osophers - Parallelo

This August Phil and the Osophers released their sixth LP Parallelo, via Factual Fabrications, slipping under my radar as easily as I imagine the first five did. Much to my shame and detriment. Their latest is one of the smartest, most catchy albums released all year, and would easily justify itself were it only one or the other. Combining jangly guitar pop with thoughtful lyrics, Parallelo is fun and engaging, perhaps ultimately leaving some wondering what to pursue: fun or thought. Mind you, I don’t mean to fuck around with “ignorance is bliss” notions or suggest that I never listen to smart music; it’s just that I don’t hear lyrically complex garage fare very often. I suppose it’s not so complicated a prospect if the two are properly coincident, but then you’d be handling a different kind of fun and very probably a different kind of thought. The two certainly cohabitate, thank God, but when the album’s outrageously catchy lead track inquires “what are the uses of a man?” I would need to be in a very particular kind of good mood to assimilate the question and not just dance to, literally, its sound. All of which raises the fun question of how hearing ideas presented through music changes the way that you integrate the question itself, your new ideas, etc. Discounting the apparently least musically relevant consideration – thought (don’t argue) – Parallelo is at very worst an awesome, summery garage pop album of a high caliber.

Here are a couple of mp3s and a video for their song “We Have All Summer,” featured on Parallelo and Friendship Bracelet One (still available for free download):

Phil and the Osophers – We Have All Summer
Phil and the Osophers – Pineapple




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