A Toilet That Doesn’t Overflow

November 17, 2009 at 8:10 pm Leave a comment

Penguin Toilet with Overflow Protection

For a few days now I’ve been considering starting a series of posts about things I know of or now love thanks to Amo Joy! If you’re not aware, we released an EP together. She was beautiful and called Theophrastus Bombastus. This EP still exists in what is by now probably a very small pile of copies, available for individual or pile purchase via the band’s store here. Back to the point though. Thanks to the band, I’ve came across a slew of associates of one kind or another, past or present, including most notably Fishboy (and this wonderful video) and Jookabox (formerly BIGBIGcar). Now, added to that list, is the overflow-proof toilet you see above, which we have in thanks to Amo Joy! percussionist Steve Trowbridge’s dad and Penguin Toilets.

The band says the following:

“Why hasn’t anyone invented and manufactured a toilet that doesn’t overflow yet? Oh wait, someone just invented it! And that person happens to be Steve’s dad! Seriously, it WILL NOT overflow. Check it out!”




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The Spookfish pə-‘rād – Parade

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