Dinosaur Feathers – Early Morning Risers

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Dinosaur Feathers - Early Morning Risers

It could be the year’s bleak economy… It could be the embracing of global warming… It could be that people are starting to realize just how ridiculous they look in winter hats.

Whatever it is, there’s something about this year that makes it seem like we don’t want to let the summer of ’09 go. Sunny rhythms, tropically infused hooks, harmonies that drift to the rafters and lyrics recounting endless nights and fleeting love were everywhere this year, especially in Brooklyn where tiny DIY outfit Dinosaur Feathers began making some kind of name for itself.

Back in September, the band self-released their debut EP Early Morning Risers, replacing the booming, pseudo-West African drumming style that most of their very much non-West African counterparts have adopted with the beep-beep-clicks of a drum machine and layer upon layer of wildly intricate and beautiful vocal harmonies piled on top of songs that are instantly recognizable yet incredibly inventive and genre dodging.

Sung in a lilting, ethereal falsetto, the opener “Cold Arabella” immediately builds a foundation which allows this band to grow into something great.

But just as soon as you peg them as just another summer-time outfit, out comes “Don’t Fear the Vagabonds,” on which they strongly flex their freak muscle. Frontman Greg Sullo then does what he does best, which is let his voice quietly and seductively rip through the layers of sound the band has created for it, in this case on “Parallel July.” The EP closes with the title track which could be summed up as their attempt to hit fans of The Bens, My Morning Jacket and Yoshimi-era Flaming Lips at the same time.

Keep a sharp eye out for these guys, who’s first long player Fantasy Memorial, drops in March.

[Cheers from the whole gang down here at where I am! Incidentally, you can download the whole freaking EP for free here. -Dwight]

Michael VM


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