New Villager – Rich Doors 7″

October 31, 2009 at 3:19 pm Leave a comment

New Villager, the cross-country collaboration of Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini, is a fun little enigma to sort through. Last weekend, my Friday began with the pleasant discovery of “Rich Doors” and “Ghengis On,” the two songs that compose New Villager’s Rich Doors 7″ on Two Syllable Records. Both are surreal, joyous, and dark in the same way I imagine Michael Jackson songs blasting out of a diabolical, ghost infested cavern would be.

The band has also constructed an interesting background, revealed in bits and pieces through interviews, reviews, articles, and a few more or less official biographies. One absolutely brilliant piece, supposedly excerpted from an article called “NewVillager Shakes Its Finger At Pop’s Lucid Dream,” reads:

“Buried deep in the American memory hole is this thing called NewVillager that threatens to—if not watched, and studied, and cornered—collapse all that is around it in on itself. NewVillager is, as you no doubt know, a part of a tradition that begins with Villager. Continued to Villager 2. And VillagerVillager. And VillagersAgain. And now to NewVillager. The Villager tradition ingests itself periodically, in its way following the model created by the Puerto Rican pop group Menudo. In fact, the only major difference between the process by which Menudo evolves and the way a Villager iteration forms is the Villager commitment to what they refer to as Radical Parthenogenesis. An explanation of the phenomenon known as Radical Parthenogenesis is not forthcoming, though calls have been made to the home office.”
—Wilder Hunt, The Daily Press, Escanaba Michigan, April 15, 1985

More importantly though, the New Villager 7″ is still available for only $4.99 from Two Syllable Records and digitally via itunes.




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