Timber Timbre – S/T

October 27, 2009 at 10:42 pm Leave a comment

Timber Timbre - S/T LP

For the next week, Arts & Crafts is offering a free download of Timber Timbre’s third LP, officially released this summer in June.

It either reflects very, very badly on me or very, very well on the quality of musicianship from Timber Timbre’s Taylor Kirk that when I first heard this album I thought I was listening to an elderly black gentleman on an archival recording – Kirk is neither, nor is the recording, as it happens. If I’d been listening more closely the quality of sound would have given him away, but I wasn’t so it didn’t. Either way, with rough, echoey vocals and squealing organs, Timber Timbre immerses you in an anachronistic ’50s Halloween in Louisiana, beautifully capturing an atmosphere so far removed.

Thanks to Karri Roberts for introducing me to the band. I can’t think of a better situation than driving at 10pm to see a meteor shower… outside of, maybe, a haunted hayride or one of those Halloween mansion tour things they do. I’ve never really done either, so I can’t say for certain.




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