Visions of Trees Cassette

October 23, 2009 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Visions of Trees Cassette

London’s foremost “tropical dream pop” duo Visions of Trees has just put together, with their own four hands, a groovy limited edición cassette. I don’t know off of either of my hands what of their tunes made the cut for this release, but as every song they’ve graciously put to my ears has been tremendous I can’t imagine it matters. Honestly, the exceptionally descriptive “tropical dream pop” genre designation isn’t nearly as good as Visions of Trees themselves are, and that’s a damn fine genre designation if I’ve ever heard one. Their sound is an overwhelmingly, disembodyingly pleasant reconfiguration of tribal-electronica, awash in echoing techno-ambience with vocals that range between cavernous and soothing. Good for a rest, catharsis, an epiphany, celebratory dance or any number of things that won’t let you split your attention easily.

The band also has a new website up and it looks like they’ll be playing around with it, so stop by now, later, and repeat.

Hooray, hoorah, harooh!



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