Ball of Wax 17

October 8, 2009 at 8:30 pm Leave a comment

Ball of Wax 17

I came across the Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly, a music anthology released four times a year out of Seattle, in a rather roundabout fashion, a little before getting in touch with founder, editor, and musician Levi Fuller to talk about an unrelated project. Fuller says: “I started it in 2005, thinking I would probably do a few and then the submissions would peter out and I’d move on with the rest of my life, but people keep sending me songs, so I keep putting ’em out there. ” It’s interesting to see a compilation populated by submissions, a term that clarifies Fuller’s position as “editor,” but is distinctive for releases of this kind. BoW 17, my introduction to the series, has some beautifully printed cardboard packaging, as shown above, and the music is great – mostly lo-fi, indie, what have you, and all of it top-notch – but the best part may be the $5 price-tag on it and every other edition.

Most out-of-print editions are also available as free downloads on their purchase page. Here’s a direct link to volume one, in case you can’t follow the previous link: Ball of Wax 1.




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