Zola Jesus & Earthmen and Strangers

July 18, 2009 at 3:09 am

Today I thought I’d toss up a post about a couple of new albums that have had me really excited recently.

Zola Jesus & Earthmen and Strangers

The above are the covers of new albums from Zola Jesus (the recording moniker of Nika Roza Danilova) and Earthmen and Strangers, the former of Madison, WI, and the latter of Tempe, AZ. Zola Jesus came to my attention thanks to Yeti Seven and “Clay Bodies” – a stand-out track from the Yeti comp that now graces The Spoils, her new LP on Sacred Bones Records. Earthmen and Strangers are a newer interest that came about thanks to a recent post on The Catbirdseat and this accompanying track from their new self-titled LP on FDH Records:

Earthmen and Strangers – Bartender

Although the two bands have only tenuous stylistic connections outside of their being lo-fi, they both represent different strains of where my tastes have been lingering recently. Zola Jesus is noisy, droning, sometimes whimsical, but surprisingly singable and catchy – extended listening gives a strong impression of the depth of Danilova’s ability. Earthmen and Strangers will probably seem far more penetrable at first glance, but their post-punk psychedelia leaves a similar impression. Suffice to say I’ll be looking forward to these albums and so should you.




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