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July 8, 2009 at 4:54 pm

I’ll begin this post with an extract from an article by Sarah Gooding posted on New Zealand’s Einstein Music Journal:

“He names his project after the combination of a prevalent animal and the tactile instruments with which humans experience a sense of touch. Fox Hands is a timid, noisy, jittery kaleidoscope of colourful sounds escaping from a man named Adrian Todd Webb who lives in Virginia, US. His music can perhaps be likened to other topically lo-fi natured artists who instill an old-time simplicity beset with a futuristic technological fascination, resulting in an otherwordly sound.”

This is a better introduction to Todd Webb’s Fox Hands than I can easily conceive. I find Gooding’s choice of words very appropriate – “timid” and “jittery” in particular – accurately articulating a very distinctive characteristic of Fox Hands: Todd’s music is not obnoxious, but retains a high energy. Timidity does not imply a lack of strength and jitterory does not imply a lack of focus. The music is at once tribal, primitive, and beat-driven, but with the pronounced sound of high-technology.

Fox Hands‘ first album was Royal Rhino’s most recent release, accompanying Todd on tour and for the first handful of shows performed under the moniker. Hopefully I’ll have a few copies available on the site soon, but in the meantime, here’s the album cover and the link to the Fox Hands myspace again.

Fox Hands Cover

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