The Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club

June 23, 2009 at 2:47 am

I recently ran through some backissues of Yeti Magazine for the first time in a few months, after being fairly engrossed by the most recent compilation with Yeti Seven, and encountered an unusual track titled “Sheba” from a band called pHoaming Edison that apparently hadn’t done it for me when I listened to it for the first time last year. This time round, it did, and while searching for more music from pHoaming Edison, I found their primary label Dark Beloved Cloud. I was surprised to find a label that appeared modest, relatively old, and undeniably prolific, all alarmingly in that way that only underground punk or noise labels do anymore. Fortunately for me and anyone else that finds them, it’s neither so inscrutable nor specialized and sets itself apart by defying typical business practice.

Among their innovations is the Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club. A subscription consists of six 3” CDs of music from the DBC stable of bands (not to minimize the importance of the individual bands, but I’ve been trying to find a way to use that expression for a wee-bitty bit), with each, in the label’s own words, “focused on one great song that’s not part of an album, with extra stuff that complements that great song somehow.” What’s significantly less typical is how subscribers go about getting their subscriptions: “by sending [DBC] your name, your address, and six hand-decorated 3”x3” cards,” that are used to adorn the jewel-cases of another subscribers’ subscription. Whether the appeal of this method lies in it’s requiring no exchange of money or just being cooler (and more personalized) than a flying cucumber, that it has appeal is undeniable.

Here are some links to two recent contributing musicians and the artwork of one creative subscriber (I imagine apparent quality or effort varies):

Fly Ashtray
Grace Braun

Single Covers




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