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June 20, 2009 at 4:24 pm

Late in 2007, the Brooklyn-based band The Mendoza Line broke up during the divorce of band mainstays Tim Bracy and Shannon McArdle. To mark the event, the band released 30 Year Low, a “mini-album” of new and very personal material alongside a bonus disc (titled The Final Remarks of the Legendary Malcontent) of odds and ends on Seattle based label Glurp Records. I first got in touch with Tim a few months before the album’s release, asking after a Mendoza song for the first Build Your Army With Potatoes compilation, which ended up being “First Time, Long Time,” a final solo-recording of his.

A little before the release of 30 Year Low Tim asked me to pass around a link to a promotional page Glurp had put up, with some album and band info and a downloadable outtake from the album. The outtake has only Tim and Shannon’s vocals, recorded without Will Sheff of Okkervil River, who did sing in the album version. Talking to Tim recently, I was reminded of the link and thought I’d post up an mp3 of the outtake for digestion:

The Mendoza Line – Aspect of an Old Maid (Alternate Take)

Of more immediate interest, with The Mendoza Line’s retirement, Tim and a crew of old cohorts from the band and elsewhere got together to form Collection Agency. Although very much in their infancy, the band has already made some great recordings, reworking a couple of old Mendoza Line songs. Bracy’s vocals take center stage on most of the recordings (sounding more like Bob Dylan in each successive song), but others, like Beth Wawerna of Bird of Youth, compliment his alt-country sound beautifully. At first listen, the songs seem a little softer and less rowdy than most Mendoza songs, but the band’s energy is made evident by beautiful instrumentation, Bracy’s consistently pleasing vocals, and a prominent feminine presence.

Though Bracy is now contemplating a move, I hope that this new project stays together and we get at least one album out of them. Once more, here’s their myspace page.

Bienvenidos, mi electrico compassinos!



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