Getting the Website Together

June 13, 2009 at 6:32 pm

Thanks to Jeff Kuykendall of The Optical Atlas this website exists, and thanks to me it’s taken until now for it to even begin appearing a reasonable public face for the label – a few computer problems have prevented me from getting work on it done as quickly as I would have liked.

For those that have found the site, you can anticipate my shortly becoming a proper steward for the thing. Ideally, in the next couple of weeks you will begin to see regular updates on label and band activities, as well as my own burning social and cultural commentaries, as the case may be. By then, the information contained in the other sections of this website should also be up to date, with some additions, some cuts, and maybe one day I’ll get together some sort of photographic element.

To kick off the “burning social and cultural commentaries” I mentioned, I feel obliged to direct your attention to a band I recently heard for the first time. A few weeks ago, we handled the physical release of the debut EP from Todd Webb’s Fox Hands (about which more will be heard later, harooh), with the truly remarkable Gold Robot Records handling a digital release. A few days after the album became available, Gold Robot’s proprietor Hunter Mack and I exchanged a few albums, leaving me at trade’s end the proud owner of, among other lovely things, an amazing four-track 7″ from San Francisco’s Meanest Man Contest. Beyond containing at least two of my new favorite songs, the single is a beautiful object, with packaging designed by Casey Jex Smith. Here’s an mp3 of the title track Throwing Away Broken Electronics from Gold Robot’s website.

In addition to that, here’s a video for their song I Was Only Kidding.

Hope it pleases. In any event, I’ll be back soon.



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